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When Is It Too Late to Get a Lawyer for A Car Accident?

by | Feb 9, 2022

Did you know that only 3% of all accident-related cases go to trial? In 97% of the other cases, car accident lawyers, insurance companies, and victims opt for amicable out-of-court settlements. 

When car accidents happen, most drivers struggle with a span of confusion that may affect their ability to take proactive measures. The first thing you ought to do when an accident occurs should be to inform your car accident lawyer. However, sometimes days and weeks may slip by as you deal with the shock without you realizing you might need legal help.

Car accident attorneys have the experience and expertise to mount a legal case in your favor. Even then, it’s essential to involve such legal experts early in the case for you to stand a better chance of compensation. 

But what if you miss out on the earliest opportune opportunity to inform an accident lawyer about an accident. Here’s everything you need to know about timing when dealing with an accident lawyer after a car crash. 

Why Do Car Accident Victims Delay Getting Legal Help? 

A car accident victim should contact an accident lawyer immediately after a crash in an ideal setting. However, this isn’t always possible immediately after an accident. The first thing that preoccupies your mind is how to seek medical care. It’s generally advisable that you center your attention around recovery in cases where you suffered injuries. Such urgent medical concerns may delay your ability to get legal help instantly.  

It’s understandable that after an accident, you may be overwhelmed. Even then, it may be essential to consider the earliest opportune chance to seek legal help.

Current Car-Accident-Injury-Claim-Time-Limits 

Accidents cause a whole load of emotional, mental, and physical injuries. Some extreme cases involve death or incapacitation. Even then, there’re timelines within which you should file for personal injury claims related to the accident. As such, time is of the essence. The existing time limits for filing personal injury claims also directly affect how soon you should contact an accident lawyer after an accident. 

In Wisconsin and most other states in the United States, the statute of limitations sets three years as the maximum time you can file for personal injury claims after an accident. This means that you should consider engaging a car accident lawyer within the first two years following an accident. It’s never too late to begin this process. While you have a three-year limit to make personal injury claims, it’s often better to engage an accident lawyer earlier. 

Reasons Why Getting Legal Help Sooner is Advisable 

You probably wonder what benefits you gain from establishing contact with a car accident lawyer immediately after a car crash. Here’re some reasons why getting legal support at the earliest chance after an accident is essential. 

  1. You Maybe Disoriented and Need Support 

The period following an accident is a rollercoaster of emotions and confusion. You certainly have every right to feel disoriented and shocked. Calling a car accident lawyer immediately after an accident can take the burden off your shoulder. It’s in your best interest to have a legal expert following up on all the issues related to the accident while you focus on the healing process. Once you make that call to the lawyer and present all the information related to the accident, they’ll be able to follow up the matter to the logical conclusion. 

  1. It’s a Delicate Situation 

Any wrong move after an accident could easily deny you your rightful compensation. Most times, the confusion that follows an accident can cause you to sign or make statements that may impact the outcome of your claim. Involving a car accident lawyer immediately after an accident ensures that you get reliable legal advice from the beginning. It would help if you had a legal mind by your side at the start of the claim process. 

  1. Water Tight Case

For you to win a car accident claim, you need sufficient evidence. The inability to present a watertight case is due to time constraints. However, calling a car accident lawyer as soon as possible after a car crash affords the attorney the chance to be on the case early enough. The benefit of early investigation is that the lawyer can piece in all the necessary puzzles on the subject before filing the claim. Such an approach will ensure that you get compensation equivalent to your injuries. 

  1. Beat the Time Limit 

The law is clear on the existing time limit for filing a personal injury claim. While three years may seem like a long time, it may be too late to start running on the 11th hour. When filing for claims after an accident, the best option should be to seek urgent legal aid. Involving a lawyer early will allow the professionals to work within reasonable schedules and deliver a favorable ruling for you. 

  1. Peace of Mind 

You may have enough to deal with after an accident. The pressure around when and how much compensation you deserve can add to your mental anguish. The best thing about involving an accident lawyer soon after an accident is that you have the assurance someone is taking care of things. Such confidence helps you remain calm amid the storm. Involving a car accident lawyer immediately can help you have the peace of mind to handle the healing process after an accident. 

We are only a Call Away After a car Accident 

Car accidents can leave lasting bruises on the victim. The mental and physical anguish caused may affect your ability to take rational steps immediately after an accident. One crucial step is informing a car accident lawyer about the accident. Unless you take the earliest chance to tell your car accident lawyer about the nitty-gritty around the accident, you might end up missing out on the opportunity to get maximum compensation for your claim. 

The period after an accident can be a rollercoaster of emotions. And that’s why at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen S.C, we are always eager to offer as much support as possible to ease your frustrations. Our team of experienced car accident lawyers is at your service immediately after an accident to provide you with the best legal support.

We are always eager to hear from you. Contact us today, or request for a free consultation on any legal issue affecting you. 

Written by Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C.

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