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“Linda has been essential for me and my children in a highly contentious custody and placement battle. She is professional, wise, and considerate to sensitive matters. Her negotiating skills are impeccable. I will be forever grateful for the positive changes she has relentlessly fought for on behalf of my children and me. I highly recommend her as a family law attorney.”
“Linda and her team work tirelessly for WI families and veterans. I’ve had the opportunity to utilize her 30+ yrs of experience and support on two different very intricate legal matters. She’s worked her whole life supporting everyday people and getting them positive results through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Linda and her staff care, they’re loyal, trusting, and remarkably successful at representing us.”
“Linda has worked with me to help navigate an extremely challenging divorce case. She has listened to my concerns and worked diligently to work towards a resolution while still helping fight for what I and my children want and need. I highly recommend her. I feel like she cares about what happens to me.”
“Divorce can be very emotional even if you are the petitioner. Linda and her legal staff were able to bring me back to reality and take that emotion out of the equation by dealing with just the facts. Linda’s understanding of the family court system is what puts her ahead of all the other attorneys. Her legal assistants, I will call them R&E, set me straight with the reality of my Divorce. My advice to anyone that is looking for a divorce is that Vanden Heuvel & Dineen are worth every dollar spent.”
“I strongly recommend Linda Vanden Heuvel for your divorce and custody case. It is one of the best decisions you can make. Linda is always prepared and has an excellent relationship with other attorneys and the courts. She listens and Linda always told me the truth. I knew what to expect. My result was great.”
“Linda has a way of making you feel protected, and with the amount of experience and knowledge she has, you have no choice but to feel you are working with the best.”
“Attorney Linda Vanden Heuvel was very knowledgeable and understood our needs in my family’s custody case. She was well respected by the court staff and Judges. She was very professional and experienced during the trial and made the lawyer for the other side look unprepared. We received the best outcome that we could have hoped for!”
“I highly recommend Linda and her staff at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen. Linda is extremely knowledgeable, professional, honest and sincere. She is genuine in her discussions with you, and is always looking out for your best interests. Her knowledge and expertise are unmatched in the courtroom. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and was able to get through an incredibly difficult time with greater ease knowing Linda and her team were handling my case.”
“I hired Linda to take care of what I thought was going to be a quick divorce, over 2 years ago. Her and her team worked tirelessly to make sure my son and I were taken care of. After a lot of tears and frustration, I’m so happy I chose Linda to represent me to get me through this difficult time. She never gave up. I highly recommend Linda to anyone.”
“I couldn’t be more delighted with the legal service I received from Linda Vanden Heuvel.
She was very friendly, professional, and listened to any and all concerns I had. Her response time was quick, and actions, if necessary, were dealt with swiftly and in a timely manner. I highly recommend people call her for any legal assistance.”