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Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse
Treatment Programs


What is an AODA Program?

Alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) treatment programs, also known as community substance abuse programs, are a wide range of programs for persons affected by alcohol or drugs. These programs include detox centers, day treatment, inpatient/outpatient facilities, residential programs, and intervention/prevention efforts. As part of his representation, drunk driving defense lawyer Dan Skarie will guide you through the Wisconsin AODA assessment process.

If convicted of an OWI, do I need to complete an AODA Program?

If convicted of drunk driving, under Wisconsin Administrative Codes, you will be court-ordered to:

  • Schedule an assessment within 72 hours of your court date
  • Complete an evaluation within 14 days of the court order, or 30 days after the Department of Transportation order
  • Complete referrals as identified on your Driver Safety Plan
  • Pay assessment fees

What happens at the evaluation?

An assessment is an interview process designed to explore and address any alcohol and other drug use. The goal of the evaluation is to identify and address issues that may lead to a future OWI offense. Any information provided during an assessment is strictly confidential.

During the assessment, the assessor will:

  • Interview you to identify drug and alcohol use habits
  • Develop a Driver Safety Plan

What happens after the evaluation?

As part of the assessment process, the evaluator creates a Driver Safety Plan (“DSP”). This plan will:

  • Reveal an understanding of drug and alcohol use
  • Provide education or treatment opportunities
  • Include referrals to other agencies if additional treatment is needed.

What is the cost?

Yes, there is an assessment fee. The price differs between counties is typically approximately $250 dollars.

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