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by | Feb 6, 2015

Real estate attorneys save you time, money, and sometimes your house.  Your real estate attorney can review any part of your real estate transaction to make sure your rights are protected.  If you are ready to buy or sell a property, make sure that your real estate lawyer has the opportunity to review and approve any contracts.  There are non-legal service providers that say you do not need a lawyer.  However, lawyers belong to a profession with standards that must be met and generally have malpractice insurance coverage.  Your rights are protected as a result of the attorney’s profession, his or her skill in that profession, and the protection of his or her insurance and professional relationships.  A real estate lawyer’s only client is you!

If you are buying a home, your lawyer should:

• Help you understand the offer to purchase, including how you take title to the property.

• Review any easements, liens, covenants, etc., that affect the property.

• Prepare and file all legal documents, including deeds.

• Clarify mortgage terms.

• Review any adjustments to the closing costs, including taxes owed and utilities paid.

• Review all paperwork before you sign.

If you are selling a property, your real estate attorney should:

• Prepare the purchase and sale agreement.

• Prepare the power of attorney.

• Deal with title issues.

• Review all paperwork you are required to sign.

• Arrange for insurance and security deposits.

A real estate lawyer gives you peace of mind.  You can rest assured that significant issues have been addressed and that the title of the property has been appropriately transferred.  No matter what the cost of your real estate transaction, the confidence you get from using a real estate attorney is priceless.

Contact real estate attorney, Dan Dineen, at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C. 262-338-8875 or 1-866-LAW-HELP or [email protected].

Written by Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C.

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