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Racine County

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Information:

If convicted of drunk or drugged driving, you will be statutorily required to undergo and comply with the findings of an Alcohol & Other Drug assessment. Racine County’s AODA assessment provider is the Racine County Department of Behavioral Health Services. Provided below is the contact information for the Department of Behavior Health Services.

Scheduling an Assessment:

To schedule an OWI Assessment:
Contact Behavioral Health Services of Racine County Intoxicated Driver Program
at 262-638-6548 within 72 hours of conviction.
You may call between 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.
The facility’s address is
1717 Taylor Avenue
Racine, WI 53403

Designated Coordinator:

Kevin Lunog, LCSW, CSAC
Behavioral Health Services of Racine County
Racine County Human Services Department
1717 Taylor Avenue
Racine, WI 53403
Fax: 262-638-6540

Assessment Facility Contact:

Kevin Lunog, LCSW, CSAC
Behavioral Health Services of Racine County
Racine County Human Services Department
1717 Taylor Avenue
Racine, WI 53403
Fax: 262-638-6540

Assessment Charge:

$255.00 Paid by Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Check
The assessment fee is due in full in advance.

Please click this link to access the Racine County Intoxicated Driver Program Pamphlet

Huber & Work Release Rules & Information:

A dedicated drunk driving or criminal defense attorney’s work does not stop at sentencing. Attorney Skarie will assist you with preparing for and navigating the intricacies of Racine County’s Huber (work release) and Electronic Monitoring programs.

Huber Rules & Information:

Racine County Huber rules include the following: you will report on time and not under the influence of intoxicants or drugs. When reporting to the Racine County Jail, you will be required to complete forms concerning your release on Huber law. The jail will verify the information you provide and determine your schedule. You will not go out on Huber law privileges the day you report. You are not permitted to work more than six days a week, 12 hours a day, which includes travel time. You will need the following to ensure that you will be able to go out on your next scheduled day:

  • ​A letter from your employer on company letterhead.
  • We must verify your employment with the Human Resources Department, owner, etc. A shift supervisor is not acceptable for initial verification.
  • The letter must include start and completion times, and days worked.
  • You must earn at least minimum wage.
  • You must be paid by payroll check, with taxes withheld. No cash jobs.
  • You are required to carry $210.00 when reporting to jail, which includes a $30.00 Booking Fee totaling $20.00 per day. It is the jail’s policy to collect the fees nine days in advance. ​​

You must serve one day per week in jail. If you drive yourself, you must show proof of registration, current insurance coverage, and a valid driver’s license on request. Racine County Jail Division will also need the make, model, and license number of the vehicle you will be using. The processing jailer will review other transportation.

For additional Racine County information, please consult the: ​Racine Huber Guidelines


Evaluated on a case by case basis, mostly dependent on the approval of the receiving county.

Electronic Monitoring:

Electronic monitoring is allowed. The inmate must live in Racine County. The cost is $8/ day GPS only, $20/day for alcohol monitoring and GPS. Until recently, defendants convicted of OWI were only eligible for electronic monitoring with proof of a medical situation outside the scope of the jail’s capabilities. Now, the decision is made on a case by case evaluation considering factors such as the nature of the offense, prior criminal history, and residency.

Racine County OWI Sentencing Guidelines:

Wisconsin divides its counties into judicial districts. Racine County belongs to the 2nd Judicial District. Each region maintains OWI Sentencing Guidelines. It is prudent to frame sentencing arguments to the district’s sentencing guidelines. Please click the PDF link to view the 2nd Judicial District Sentencing Guidelines.​

Additional Information:

For further information regarding Racine County, please contact Atty. Skarie.


The Racine County information is provided solely for general informational purposes, is subject to change, and may not be up to date. Please contact Atty. Skarie or the appropriate agency to confirm the accuracy of the information provided.