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The highest compliment for an attorney is a “job well done” from a client. I take my duty to advocate for my clients zealously seriously. Please take a moment to scroll down and read what my clients say.


Washington County OWI 3rd (2020)

3rd Offense OWI

I was recently represented by Dan Skarie for a 3rd offense OWI, Dan helped bring calm to the absolute chaos of this unfortunate event. Dan was able to coach and guide my family to a resolution that was acceptable considering the circumstances.

– OWI 3rd Offense Client

Washington County Case No. 20-CT-XXX


Child Abuse Restraining Order (2020)

The BEST Criminal Defense Lawyer

Dan’s knowledge, professionalism, drive and tenacity are unmatched in and out of the courtroom. Throughout my process I always felt like my case was the top priority for him and never had questions left unanswered.

– Parent Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

Washington County Case No. (Sealed)


Milwaukee County OWI 1st (2020)

Fantastic Lawyer

My attorney Dan Skarie was worth every penny. Every thing he told me he was going to do for me in our initial consultation he did. I had no idea what to look for in an attorney as this was the first time I’d needed one. Dan and I spoke on the phone and I told him my situation and he let me know how he could help. It was that easy. He was willing to work out a payment plan which also was great.

I cannot recommend Dan highly enough. He was responsive to any question I had and made sure I understood everything. He got it all done for me even with the pandemic going on.

If you need an attorney for your 1st DUI I’d ask for Dan Skarie.

– OWI 1st

City of Franklin Municipal Case


Washington County OWI 5th Offense (2020)


Attorney Skarie is an excellent lawyer. He has an outstanding understanding of the law and his trial skills are second to none. He will fight to no end to get the best deal or in my case an acquittal after trial. Five stars is not enough considering the top notch representation he provides.

– OWI 5th Offense Client

Washington County Case No 18-CF-XXX


Waukesha County OWI 1st Causing Injury (2020)

Highly Recommend

Hired Attorney Dan Skarie to represent my teenager who was facing serious adult charges, with mandatory jail time. In my opinion, he went above and beyond. He is a very skilled attorney who understands the law and court procedures. He is very thorough and communicative. I felt that he genuinely cared about my daughter, was always encouraging, and he took time to listen and gather plenty of information. Most importantly, in court hearings he was very professional, precise, and did an outstanding job describing her character and the facts and circumstances of the case. He worked hard to get the best possible sentence for her. She was very happy with the results, and as her mother I am very grateful she was not jailed. I highly recommend Attorney Skarie!!

– OWI 1st Causing Injury

Waukesha County Case No 19-CT-XXX


Dodge County OWI 5th Offense (2020)

True Danimal

Dan told me from the start of my case it would be a true uphill battle. Most people with my offense (5th OWI) face prison time, and more likely than not that’s what I would get. He guided me in the right direction to accomplish tasks that would help me in my case. I worked hard at rehabilitation to prove that this OWI would be my last. The outcome was better than best. Dan’s expertise and knowledge with OWI cases are second to none. I guarantee I could not have found a better attorney given the factors in my case. Beyond his professionalism, he is a very sincere and genuine guy. He made my family and I feel like he had our best interest at heart. When I had doubts, he reassured me we were moving in the right direction. If I had to sum it all up in one word, absolute stud. Thanks again Dan for everything you did for my family and I.

– OWI 5th Offense Client

Dodge County Case No 19-CF-XXX


Milwaukee County OWI 2nd Offense (2020)

Could Not Have Found Better Representation

“Working with Dan has been a phenomenal experience from start to finish. I could not have found someone as well versed, communicative, and genuinely a caring person as Dan. Every step of the way, he went above and beyond what I would consider the call of duty. He walked me through every step of the way, was very transparent, and stayed in constant communication with me over the 2.5 year process. Dan fought for me and was always honest and compassionate when it came to my case.

At trial, Dan was a pure professional in the courtroom. Really had a thorough argument for everything that was thrown at him, and never seemed to stumble. I have zero complaints about how Dan handled my case from start to finish. I would say his effort was 110%. His knowledge of the law seemed second to none. Even the science behind it. Dan is a phenomenal attorney and I would recommend him to anyone battling a OWI case. You will not regret your experience.”

– OWI 2nd Offense Client

Milwaukee County Case No 18-CT-XXX


Dan Skarie (2019)

Dan was a very informative and helpful attorney. He was able to win and get my dismissed, due to his very knowledgeable work on it. I would strongly recommend putting him on retainer to do your case. Very personable lawyer, also on top of what’s going on with case and relays info to you. His recommendation and thanks are very well deserved!


Milwaukee County OWI 2nd Offense (2020)

Professional (2020)

In my own experience Mr. Skarie has been nothing but helpful, proficient and delightful. I honestly hope to have him as my lawyer for other aspects in life.

– OWI 2nd Offense Client

Milwaukee County Case No. 20-CT-XXX


THC case dismissed (2019)

I got in trouble with some legal questions things and Dan got the case dismissed. He was helpful every step of the way and made me not have to worry about my mistake. He helped me feel comfortable from the start. He also had my case dropped. I would recommend him to anyone!

– Felony Drug Possession Client (2020)

Washington County – DA’s Office declined to press charges.


Disorderly dismissal (2019)

I couldnt have asked for kinder or more effective attorney for my case! He was professional always and got my case dropped! I really don’t know where I would be standing with Dan on my case!

2nd OWI Dropped to a misdemeanor (2019)

We were searching for a criminal defense, OWI Attorney. The reviews we read about at the VHD Law Office, out of Germantown, WI. were truly convincing. Attorney Dan Skarie was appointed to my case. Attorney Dan has natural instincts, with great knowledge, compassion and enthusiasm of a 1st.Class Attorney. Along with Adrienne, I am greatfull and very satisfied with all they have done for me, and still do, if I have a question or 2. Cleared to a misdemeanor, I can’t say enough. Thank You Team, You are truly # 1

Got the job done. (2019)

He did a wonderful job communicating everything with me and helping me understand all my options as well as getting the outcome I hoped for with my case.

Thanks, Dan (2019)

Dan and the team at VDH made my unfortunate situation just a little less painful. Represented me and shared information with me every step of the way.

2nd DUI minimum sentence (2019)

I was charged with my second DUI and referred to Dan through a family friend. Dan did an excellent job for me throughout the entire process, to say the least. Very professional, knowledgeable and his communication with me throughout my entire case was above and beyond and has continued to be since my case has been closed. I received the minimum sentencing. Would highly recommend, very pleased with the outcome thanks to Dan.

Owi Offense (2019)

I was accused of 3rd offense OWI, so I contacted Attorney Dan Skarie and had my 1st consult with him. I hired him same day, he was knowledgeable and very professional. He kept me informed and answered all questions I had for him. He went over all the facts of the case and he got the best possible outcome for me. Dan made me feel very comfortable, that I wasn’t just another number or another case. I highly recommend Attorney Dan Skarie for anyone needing defense in an OWI/DUI case.

I am beyond pleased, and can't thank him enough. (2019)

He went above and beyond.
From our first meeting, he was attentive and responded in a timely manner to any concerns I had. He was never judgmental and never made me feel badly about anything, when I already felt bad enough on my own.
I never felt I was bothering him with my concerns. When necessary, he guided me in a way that gave me the confidence I needed when I was very worried and not confident in my abilities to testify on my own behalf…public speaking about personal matters to a room of strangers was a terrifying thought to me. But, he was encouraging and met with me until we were satisfied that I could do it.
We won, and it wouldn’t have been possible without him.
His instincts and intelligence are on point. His researching and understanding of the law are on point. He absolutely knows what he’s doing. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anybody, and I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Skarie and this firm. I am so satisfied with, and grateful for, the outcome.

Owi case (2019)

After i had gotten a ticket for an owi 0.10, i wasn’t sure what to do. I contacted multiple law firms and lawyers. Out of all of them, Dan was the most professional,thorough, knowledgeable and down to earth one that i talked to in person. He assured me that my case was a very good case to fight unlike some of the other lawyers I talked to. I hired Dan a day after our meeting. I’m sure glad i did. After 2 years of waiting for my court date due to Racine county canceling court dates and Dan keeping me updated the whole way, we finally got our chance to fight the tickets. During that day, i was nervous but at the same time excited, knowing that Dan had found a lot of things wrong with the police reports and had shown me everything the day before. He kept me included with picking jurors and throughout the our time at court. Dan had everything ready and presented it to everyone in the court with every detail as possible. Everything he said was straight to the point and had every juror vote not guilty for my owi. All in all my speeding ticket and my owi were dropped and that only happened do to Dan’s hard work, and knowledge of owi’s. Even some the jurors came up to him after court and said he was so good that they would hire him. I honestly would recommend him to anyone. He is a true professional.

Highly recommend (2019)

Dan and the firm were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Very professional and answered all questions and concerns I had throughout. Made me feel at ease through this stressful situation. Dan knows what he is doing and feel like he got me the best deal possible.

Best Representation (2019)

When choosing a lawyer, it’s hard to decide, based on pricing, reviews, and background. There were more “established” firms with more online recommendations. But, after meeting with these lawyers, Dan Skarie was still the better sell–and he followed through.

There wasn’t much to hope for, in my case. The court had clear evidence in their prosecution; I didn’t have much in my defense. But Dan was diligent and thorough, and was able to win the best verdict possible.

He made himself available for questions, and put forth genuine effort for my case.

I would recommend Dan Skarie.

Fantastic Work by Dan and Adrienne (2018)

Dan and Adrienne worked on my 2nd OWI case in Milwaukee. Both were very clear as to what they needed from my end and what they would do for me to get the best outcome through the judicial system.

I highly recommend Dan if you are in a similar OWI situation. Great work and thank you for all that you assisted with.

OWI with a Refusal, OWI dismissed! (2018)

I cannot say enough about the work Dan and Adrienne did for me following my arrest, multiple court dates with the City of Milwaukee and then the appeal process with Milwaukee County, which in total was over 14 months. Dan was very confident that we could win this and inspired me to keep fighting, even though it seemed impossible. He told me the City of Milwaukee would find me guilty and then we could win upon the appeal.

He did a great job questioning the arresting officer and after court explaining to me the importance of everything the officer said and how it would help us on appeal. Dan was able to get the my OWI dismissed upon appeal and we did not have to go to a jury trial! I am still dealing with the ramifications of the Refusal, but Dan and Adrienne have had all the answers and walked me through each step of a very confusing and time consuming process. I cannot thank them enough! I ask a ton of questions, and they continue to be so patient with me and will continue to available for the next year, until my Interlock is removed from my car.

Sidenote: The first lawyer I talked to stated this I had “little to no chance of winning this one” and suggested I plead guilty to the OWI and the Refusal to get six months off of my Occupational.

Best Lawyer (2018)

I hired Dan through the guidance of a family friend and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case!

Dan is extremely professional, courteous and truly went above and beyond the call of duty in getting the best possible result for my situation. I would recommend him to anyone.

2nd DUI Dismissed (2018)

Throughout this process, Dan was understanding to my concern about my job. I felt at all times that he was diligently working on my case. He was very up front as things progressed.

​Dan used his impeccable knowledge on the topics of field sobriety tests and blood testing to fight for me and today we were able to have my case dismissed!

I was continually astounded with his determination for me!

An intelligent attorney that will save you from a lot of stress and hardships (2017)

I only have good things to say about Mr. Skarie. He was very professional and I can tell he knew what he was talking about. Even though most of his cases is dealing with DUI/DWI’s, he still did a great job taking care of my case. Honestly the outcome of my case would’ve been a whole lot better if it wasn’t for my mistakes (i.e Not hiring an attorney from Day 1).

But I thank God and Mr. Skarie because I won’t have to deal with it much longer.

Positive Outcome/Minimum Stress (2017)

Dan pulled all the strings he could for me with what he had to work with. There really was no way to fight the cases that I had accrued. However, he was able to persuade the State to reduce the quantity of citations, as well as the amounts. Dan was very prompt and clear with responses to my questions.

It is obvious that he knows the inside/outs of DUI/OWI defense. Hiring Dan made my last couple of months a lot less stressful than expected. I would definitely recommend this Attorney’s services to the next OWI Offender looking for representation.

DUI Case (2017)

Dan was very helpful and giving of his time, and achieved a positive outcome for my situation.

DUI Attorney (2017)

I hired Dan as my attorney in a case of my 4th DUI charge. It was about 14 years from any prior arrest. Dan was able to get my sentence to 4 months in Huber. Dan focused on building a report with testimonials from friends, my lack of any other driving issues, work record and cooperation all helped to get a minimal sentence.

Most important Dan calmed my fears as he helped to bring some level of expectation to a very uncertain time for me and my family.

First OWI (2017)

Excellent and thorough communication throughout. Dan explained all possible outcomes. Would recommend

Very Thorough (2017)

Mr. Skarie thoroughly investigated my case and worked to achieve the outcome we decided to pursue. He is very knowledgeable about the law and gave an accurate and realistic assessment of my case. I would highly recommend him.

Efficient and Always There (2017)

Daniel was always available in case I had a question or if any issue came up. Unfortunately, the best expected result couldn’t be obtained, but he did exhaust every effort to try to make that happen.

I recommend Dan and his team wholeheartedly. He continues to be of assistance even after my time with court has completed.

First DUI (2017)

I hired Dan after being arrested for a first DUI. Dan was very understanding of my situation. Was there to protect my rights, and helped me to achieve an acceptable outcome

Very Professional and Knowledgeable Resource (2017)

Dan was a very helpful lawyer to work with. He was open and honest with me throughout the whole process with court. I would recommend him to anyone. Anyone could have told me that they could drop my dui and then work backwards to cover up why they couldn’t but Dan was honest with me and managed my expectations.

Honesty goes a long way. Dan and his office did a great job. I would highly recommend Dan.

DUI Case Dismissed (2017)

Dan was very professional throughout the whole process. Answering questions and explaining the process step by step.

Would highly recommend using Dan and his team.

Knowledgeable, accessible and helpful lawyer (2017)

Dan was a great lawyer from start to finish, explaining every step of the process with my case. He was always available and kept me involved and up to date as much as possible. He made the whole difficult process of my case easy and as stress-free as it could be. I was very glad to have him with me in court and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. I highly recommend his office for their kindness and their skill level.

Knowledgeable OWI Attorney (2017)

I contacted Attorney Daniel Skarie in 2016 after receiving an OWI, third offense. After speaking with attorney Skarie on the phone, I felt very comfortable with hiring him to represent me in my case.

Attorney Skarie was very knowledgeable in Wisconsin’s OWI process and was very thorough while helping myself and my wife deal with the circumstance. He was able to guide me step by step through the whole process and answered all of my questions. It was very reassuring that I could reach Attorney Skarie and his secretary at any time, day or night.

I believe that after almost one year of court proceedings, I received a very reasonable sentence in my case. I attest this to the representation that I had through the whole process, Attorney Skarie. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family or friends facing the same kind of predicament.

DUI Assistance (2016)

I contacted Dan after receiving a second DUI. He reviewed my situation and informed me that because ten years had passed since my first offense that this one would also be treated as a first offense which was a great initial relief. Throughout my case (which lasted about 5 months from arrest to resolution) Dan was very attentive and always available. I never worried about not being informed on my case situation.

He worked with me and the prosecuting attorney to reach an agreeable plea deal. I found Dan’s honesty about the plea deal incredibly refreshing. He explained that it was a great offer for my situation and encouraged me to accept it even though he stood to make more money had we taken the case to court.

This made me feel very comfortable that Dan was looking out for his client’s best interest instead of his own. I would recommend Dan to anyone who is facing a DUI charge.

Great Lawyer! (2016)

Attorney Skarie is a fantastic lawyer. I made a bad decision, and he was able to get my case completely dismissed. He kept me regularly updated on the status of my case and promptly answered any questions I had.

I am grateful he was able to help me with my situation, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

Highly Recommended! (2016)

I’m glad I had Dan to work on my case (OWI 1st). We ended up having a jury trial and I was impressed with Dan’s performance in court—he developed a great strategy for my situation!

I really appreciate Dan’s energy, expertise, and dedication and definitely recommend him to anyone seeking representation for cases similar to mine.

Not Guilty (2016)

Daniel did a great job in helping me to understand what was going on with the case against me. He put together a solid defense plan, putting together ideas that I would have never thought of. Best of all, the jury found me not guilty on both counts against me. Thanks Daniel.

Case Dismissed!!! (2016)

My poor judgment put me right in the middle of a nightmare – it was the most humiliating experience of my life. I was charged with a DUI and several road violations.

I’m so thankful I hired Dan to represent me – without going to trial, all charges against me have been dismissed. It’s an experience that I never plan on repeating, but if you find yourself having made a poor decision – call Dan, he’ll take the very best care of you! I will always be thankful, and never forget!

Great Lawyer! (2016)

Daniel Skarie is a professional, courteous, and hard working lawyer. He explained everything step by step and helped me understand all the legal aspects of my case. He quickly answered all my calls, texts, and emails. As my case progressed, Daniel Skarie, provided me with resources needed to help me in every way. I recommend Daniel Skarie!

Exceeded All Expectations (2015)

Over the last ten months Attorney Skarie has aided me with no fewer than eight driving offenses. He has used his intimate knowledge of the law and enthusiasm for justice, to aid me from reducing a point penalty form 22 to 13.

More impressively perhaps, my two OWI’s were wiped from record. Dan always kept be abreast of every detail of my cases, and whenever I needed to contact him, he returns phone calls and e-mails promptly.

Considering the range and number of cases I had Attorney Skarie work on, they were completed in a more than timely fashion and with exceptional results.